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Special Collection: Presidential Election 2004

Various Authors
Date Published: 
January 01, 2007

Left Turn magazine introduces a forum in which voices of the Left will discuss the two-party system, grassroots activism, and the 2004 electoral contest. Our hope is that these contributions help further the discourse about what role, if any, activists should play in the upcoming elections. This will be a regular section in Left Turn magazine and on our website through November, 2004.


Politics Belongs to Everyone: From Seattle to the Campaign Trail
by John Nichols

The Civil Rights and Human Rights Dilemma
by Elaine Cassel

Save the World—Dump Bush
by Laura Carlsen

Illusory Differences
by Mickey Z

Don't Just [Not] Vote, Get Active

Beyond Voting
by Chris Crass (pdf format)

The Democrats

Dennis Kucinich: Democrat in the Fray
by Josh Frank

Clark & Dean: Two Measures of American Desperation
by Sunil K Sharma and Josh Frank

ELECT Kucinich! (flyer in pdf format)
by a Florida-based labor activist

Anarchists for Bush?
by A Venesky

Special Archive Collection: The Kerry Gamble

The Greens

Run, Ralph, Run!
by Alex Hogan

The Avocado Declaration
by Peter Camejo

Why I am Running as a Green
by David Cobb

The Matt Gonzalez Insurgency
by James Tracy

Running On Empty
by Norman Solomon

Nadar and the Green Party Nomination

by Ted Glick

To Nader or Not to Nader?: A Green Party Debate
hosted by Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!

Want to Get Rid of Bush and Grow the Greens? Support David Cobb
by Medea Benjamin

Green Party selects presidential nominee David Cobb and vice presidential nominee Pat LaMarche (press release)

Green and Growing.......
by Ted Glick

General Election: The Race is On

Election 2004: Why the Left is Behind?
by Josh Frank and Sunil K Sharma

Vanishing Votes
by Greg Palast

The Left and the Elections
by Christopher Phelps, Stephanie Luce, and Johanna Brenner

After the Conventions: Activist Reports from the Field

"Antiwar, did you say antiwar?": Collecting signatures for Nader in Detroit
by Margaret Guttshall

Report from Ohio State
by Doug Wagner