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    Revolutionary Work in Our Time: Can’t Keep Quiet, This Time Gon’ Be More Than a Riot Manju Rajendran June 1, 2010

    Imagine a left that is united, vibrant, and relevant-a left so loving it becomes irresistible. We would organize to meet our communities' needs while building movements to transform societies and build a better world, becoming more whole and valuing each other along the way. We would create revolutionary culture to nourish our souls, awaken our desire, and inspire new action. We would center the leadership of oppressed peoples.

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    Other Worlds are Possible: Visionary Fiction, Culture and Organizing Walidah Imarisha Janurary/February 2010

    I think I would have always believed in revolutionary change, and believed in the power of people to organize for that change. But without visionary fiction, I don’t think I would have had the imagination or the permission to actually see and touch and feel what that new world could look like. How will we live? What will we eat? How will we interact with each other? What will gender and racial and class relationships look like? How will children be raised? How will we deal with aggression and violence and war?

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    The Anti-War Movement and the 2008 Elections Max Uhlenbeck December 15, 2007

    The campaigns begin earlier, the war chests grow larger, and just when you thought it had become impossible to do so—the Democratic and Republican platforms on the major issues of the day have become even more blurred. Welcome to the spectacle that is the US presidential elections. As we look towards a more hopeful 2008, one thing is for sure—Bush will be out of office, and that has to be a good thing for all of us.

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    Letter From the People of New Orleans to Our Friends and Allies New Orleans-based Activists April 01, 2007

    We, the undersigned, represent a wide range of grassroots New Orleans organizers, activists, artists, educators, media makers, health care providers and other community members concerned about the fate of our city. This letter is directed to all those around the world concerned about the fate of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, but is especially intended for US-based nonprofit organizations, foundations, and other institutions with resources and finances that have been, or could be, directed towards the Gulf Coast.

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    Challenging the New Apartheid: Reflections on Palestine Solidarity Adam Hanieh, Hazem Jamjoum, and Rafeef Ziadah June 01, 2006

    The Palestinian solidarity movement has made significant gains since the onset of the Second Palestinian Intifada in September 2000. Over the last five years, a new generation of Palestinian solidarity activists has mobilized in the streets, campuses, and schools across North America. Among the left and progressive movements, there is broad acceptance of the proposition that US foreign policy in the Middle East is based on support for Israel as a “colonial-settler” state, to draw upon the title of Maxime Rodinson’s classic work.

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    Shifting Landscapes: Obama & The Movement Max Uhlenbeck December 01, 2008

    Though many on the left put forth an analysis that appreciated the importance of defeating McCain and the Republican party, few of us were prepared for the raw emotion that surfaced in the wake of Barack Obama's victory on November 4th. Cities across the US celebrated spontaneously in the streets and it seemed like the whole world celebrated with them.

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