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    Rattling the System from Seattle to Quebec Bilal El-Amine June 1, 2001

    I’m in my late 40s. I’ve worked inside government. I’ve worked in the trade union movement. It’s easy to become cynical. But this, this is real. This is a rejection of, I guess, capitalism.

    —Carol Phillips, Director of the International Department of the Canadian Auto Workers

    A rising tide

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    RIP Howard Zinn: Remembering the People’s Historian Fouad Pervez April 1, 2010

    On January 27, 2010 we lost a great champion for the voiceless and marginalized people around the globe. Noted professor, activist, and playwright Howard Zinn died of a heart attack while preparing for a talk in California. His passing touched many across the globe, spurring an international outpouring of grief.

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    How It Would Feel to be Free: A Review of Transformative Organizing Max Uhlenbeck December 1, 2010

    BY ERIC MANN, 2010


    If there is anything we have learned from the political struggles of the 20th-century United States, it has been the great importance of grassroots and mass-based organizing. From the IWW to the CIO, the early Communist Party to the rise of the civil rights movement, the question of how to organize and refine best practices has always remained central.

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    Stories and Reflections from the Road to Detroit Various Authors June 1, 2010

    Across the spectrum, people have been planning, organizing and mobilizing for the USSF. From Chicago to San Antonio to Gary, Indiana and St. Louis and many points in between, we asked individuals and organizations to share some reflections on what their road to Detroit has looked like and what being at the USSF means to them.

    Welcome to Detroit!

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    The Road to Detroit: We Have Arrived Morrigan Phillips June 1, 2010

    The second United States Social Forum (USSF) is underway. Here we are. Our road to Detroit finds us now gathered among thousands of others working to right the wrongs perpetrated by so many systems of oppression. Poised to take action, collaborate, share stories of struggle and triumph—we are all now in Detroit on the road to another US and another world.

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    Revolutionary Work in Our Time: Can’t Keep Quiet, This Time Gon’ Be More Than a Riot Manju Rajendran June 1, 2010

    Imagine a left that is united, vibrant, and relevant-a left so loving it becomes irresistible. We would organize to meet our communities' needs while building movements to transform societies and build a better world, becoming more whole and valuing each other along the way. We would create revolutionary culture to nourish our souls, awaken our desire, and inspire new action. We would center the leadership of oppressed peoples.

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    Colonial Mentality Rami El-Amine October 01, 2006

    The failure of many in the US antiwar movement to fight anti-Arab/anti-Muslim racism is often rooted in conscious or unconscious acceptance of two interconnected racist ideologies—Islamophobia and Zionism. A good example of this is the anti-war movement’s wary response to Hamas’ overwhelming victory in this year’s Palestinian legislative elections.

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