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    The US, Israel, and the War on Iran: Don’t Let Them Fool Us Again! Rami El-Amine February 10, 2012

    The end of 2011 saw the beginnings of a shift to a more overt and aggressive policy by the US and its allies towards Iran. This shift was not the result of any new threat being posed by Iran but by the need for the US to maintain a sizeable military presence in the oil rich region after withdrawing from Iraq. The Arab revolutions are also a major factor in this shift, particularly for the US’s Gulf Arab allies and Israel. Saber rattling around Iran heightens sectarian tensions in the region and, therefore, weakens the revolutionary wave which threatens the Gulf Arab monarchies. Israel, on the other hand, is leading the push for an attack because it deflects attention away from its continued denial of land and rights to Palestinians at a time when it is coming under increased international criticism.

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    Iran Today: Democracy, Dissent, Repression and Solidarity 23-7-10

    <i>The following is an edited transcript of an event held at the Brecht Forum in New York on July 13, 2009.</i>

    <b>Leili Kashani:</b> As many of you know, millions of Iranians took to the streets in the aftermath of the disputed June 2009 presidential elections. Many have been arrested and held in undisclosed locations throughout the country. Torture is being used to both terrorize dissidents and to force them to make false confessions about their links to the United States and to Israel. What is at stake, I think, is the future of a country of over 70 million people.

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    The Road to Tehran AK Gupta October 01, 2006

    As preparations for war against Iraq intensified in the fall of 2002, neo-conservatives in Washington were fond of remarking that “The road to Tehran runs through Baghdad.” The toppling of Saddam Hussein was to be the first step in remaking the map of the Middle East through military force with Iran as number one on the hit list.

    The Bush administration has been obsessed with trying to topple Iran’s government since it came to power. According to James Bamford, writing in a July 2006 issue of Rolling Stone, “War with Iran has been in the works for the past five years.”

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