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    Lebanese Civillians Massacred As'ad AbuKhalil ,

    I [As'ad AbuKhalil] have just received these pictures from Hanady Salman, an editor at [Beirut newspaper] As-Safir, with this message:

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    MEDIA ALERT: Stop Israel's Attacks on Gaza & Lebanon ,

    BACKGROUND: Israel is using weapons supplied by the United States to target Palestinian & Lebanese civilians and civilian infrastructure in the Gaza Strip and Lebanon in violation of the US Arms Export Control Act and the Geneva Conventions.

    * On July 12th, Israel killed 23 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip with missiles fired from aircraft and shells fired from tanks. Israel killed 9 members of one family in a missile strike on a house near Gaza City.

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    Israel Launches War on Lebanon Various Authors July 7, 2006

    Following the capture of Israeli soldiers by Palestinian and Lebanese militants, Israel has launched a full scale assault on civilian infrastructure in both Gaza and Lebanon.


    Good Morning Beirut by Bilal El-Amine

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    The Daily Shrapnel: Dispatches from Post-War Lebanon Zein El-Amine January 01, 0001
      "Gentlemen, you have transformed our country into a graveyard You have planted bullets in our heads, and organized massacres Gentlemen, nothing passes like that without account All that you have done to our people is registered in notebooks" -Mahmud Darwish

    The Daily Shrapnel #1: Death in Deir Keifa Beirut Monday, October 16th My grandmother's house in the southern village of Deir Keifa sits, as all the villages around there, on a hill facing many hills and valleys extending to the horizon. Decades ago a second part of the village was built on an adjacent hill which was called Shmaise'.

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    Summer Lullaby for Lebanon Jana Nakhal January 01, 0001

    My country was being bombed. My people were being bombed. Other than being afraid of what could happen to me, my loved ones, people I knew, people I saw on the streets, people who smiled at me at a corner, the stupid taxi driver that I cursed the other day; I was afraid for the people I never knew, the people I never met, never saw and people who in the small villages of the south, in the streets of the southern suburbs of Beirut who were agonizing, dying under the rubble of their own houses. My country has had many wars. The civil war that lasted from 1975 until 1991 was cruel and meaningless. I didn’t witness it as I was too young, and we used to escape to the back-then-safe south, to my grandmother's house.

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    Lebanon’s Shi'a: In the Eye of the Storm Bilal El-Amine July 14, 2006

    God has always had little mercy to spare the poor Shia Muslims of Lebanon. They suffered centuries of seamless persecution often accompanied by extreme poverty, cast away far from the religious centers of Shi’ism in Iraq and Iran. With the exception of the 10th Century when sympathetic dynasties ruled the region, Lebanon’s Shia existed on the margins of history, making an appearance only as victims. So much so that Shi’ism itself became in practice a religion of the dispossessed and disinherited, of the denial and longing for justice.

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    Good Morning Beirut Bilal El-Amine ,

    Hi everyone. First of all, I am fine as are family and friends. We're scattered in different places, some still in the south, some in Tyre, the rest in Beirut and its surroundings. Those who live in the southern suburbs where Hizbullah is based managed to leave before the latest strikes and are safe with relatives.

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    Final Battles?: Interview with Saseen Kawzally Jerome Klassen ,
      In this interview from Beirut, Saseen Kawzally describes the Israeli attacks on Lebanon, the background to the crisis, and its possible trajectories. Saseen Kawzally is active in left activism in Lebanon and has worked with Beirut Indymedia in the past. Jerome Klassen visited Lebanon in 2004 and is currently a student in Toronto. This interview occurred by phone over the past few days.

    JK: Israel has imposed a siege on Lebanon and is bombing the country from the air and the sea. Can you describe the situation?

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    Anti-Arab Racism, Islamophobia, and the Anti-War Movement Rami El-Amine October 01, 2006

    Racism against Arabs and Muslims long preceded the 9-11 terrorist attacks and has much of its roots in Western imperialism in the Middle East, especially Israel’s colonization of Palestine. Yet, the escalation that we witness today can be traced to the war on terror launched after 9-11 by Bush and his neoconservative ideologues with the backing of the Democrats. Anti-Arab/anti-Muslim racism has helped sell the detentions, wars, gulags, and occupations of US imperialism’s latest and boldest venture into the Middle East and South Asia. In turn, this imperial venture has further inflamed racist views of Arabs and Muslims.

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    Lebanon In Context - An Interview with Bilal El-Amine Sasha Wright October 01, 2006

    Bilal El-Amine, founding editor of Left Turn, moved back to his native Lebanon over a year ago. When Israel started bombing Lebanon, Bilal did what he knows best and started reporting for independent media outlets on the Israeli devastation of the country and the Lebanese resistance. He reported almost daily from South Lebanon throughout the 33-day invasion for Flashpoints on Pacifica radio network. Left Turn editor Sasha Wright spoke with Bilal immediately after the UN “cease-fire” resolution was passed about the context of Israel’s invasion of Lebanon, its impacts on Lebanese society and politics, and about the South Lebanese Resistance and Hezbollah.

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