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    Salt of This Sea: The Real Palestine on the Silver Screen 23-7-10

    My entire life has consisted of having to enlighten others on what being Palestinian means; having to re-educate my classmates, co-workers, and others on the geography (Palestine is not Pakistan), the history (it is not a centuries-old conflict), and the true nature of the struggle (indigenous people’s land rights and not a religious war)

    This is especially difficult here in the us, where we are often portrayed as terrorists—backwards, hateful people who love to blow themselves up, send their children to die, and want to push the Jews into the sea. This is such a common portrayal that for any Palestinian, even hearing it explained is redundant.

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    An Attack Against All Those Standing Up Against the Wall and the Occupation Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign January 10, 2010

    On Monday January 4, at a military hearing in Ramallah, an Israeli court extended the detention of human rights activist Jamal Juma' for a further three days. Despite being held for 20 days, no charges have yet been brought against Jamal.

    A solidarity demonstration had been planned for Jamal's hearing. In addition several consular representatives, concerned at the ongoing arrest of anti-Wall leaders, had planned to attend the hearing. In response, Israeli authorities surreptitiously moved the proceedings from Jerusalem to the Ofer prison near Ramallah the evening prior to the hearing and changed the time of the hearing.

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    National Popular Palestinian Conference Noura Erakat and Monadel Herzallah April 09, 2008

    Especially since the advent of the Palestinian-Israeli "peace process," Palestinian-Arab identity has been severely and systematically fragmented. Like the bantustanization of Palestinian lands, Palestinian national identity has been bantustanized by a series of laws, processes, and events. Today there are the Palestinians within Israel, those within the Occupied Territories, those in refugee camps, those in the global diaspora, and most recently those in the West Bank have become distinct from those in the Gaza Strip. Making Palestinian identity whole necessitates articulating a single narrative that addresses the whole and not just several of its parts.

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    Letter to Black America on Palestinian Rights and June 10th March & Rally May 15, 2007

    To Black America: It is time for our people to once again demand that the silence be broken on the injustices faced by the Palestinian people resulting from the Israeli occupation. On June 10th, the national coalition known as the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation ( will be spearheading a march and rally to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the beginning of the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories.To Black America: It is time for our people to once again demand that the silence be broken on the injustices faced by the Palestinian people resulting from the Israeli occupation.

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    BDS Conference in Palestine: Building Solidarity, Combating Normalization Andréa Schmidt April 09, 2008

    It's the end of November. International attention is focused on the upcoming summit in Annapolis, MD, and foreign reporters in Gaza City, Tel Aviv, Ramallah are busily soliciting predictably jaded and mocking Palestinian and Israeli responses to the question, "Will Annapolis bring peace?" I am in Ramallah too, listening as Allam Jarrar of the Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations Network (PNGO) welcomes his audience to "the launching of a new vision and new era for the renewal of popular resistance and Palestinian dignity." He's definitely not talking about Annapolis. Instead, this is the first-ever Palestinian conference to promote the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israeli apartheid.

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    60 Years of Nakba – Palestinian Refugees and the New Anti-Apartheid Movement Rafeef Ziadah April 09, 2008

    At approximately 8pm on Sunday, January 20, the Gaza Strip power plant ran out of fuel and shut down, plunging the Gaza Strip into darkness. The closure of the Gaza power plant, in addition to Israel's continuing siege of the Gaza Strip, have had a catastrophic effect on the 1.5 million residents of Gaza, who are already suffering chronic shortages of fuel and medicine. "Gaza is a prison and Israel seems to have thrown away the key," said United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights, John Dugard.

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    No Backing Down on Palestinian Right of Return Mazen Masri April 09, 2008

    On April 19, 1956, Moshe Dayan, then Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army, said in a eulogy at the funeral of an Israeli who was killed by Palestinian refugees turned fighters: Right of Return "Early yesterday morning Roi was murdered. The quiet of the spring morning dazzled him and he did not see those waiting in ambush for him, at the edge of the furrow. Let us not cast the blame on the murderers today.

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    "I Cannot Live as I Like": A '48 Refugee Remembers Naji Ali April 09, 2008

    Sitting in a chair inside his cluttered shop filled with school supplies, chain-smoking Marlboro cigarettes, Abdul Salam Hammad Abdullah peers out onto the streets. Passersby wave to him as he acknowledges them.

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    From South Africa to Palestine, Lessons for the New Anti-Apartheid Movement Salim Vally April 09, 2008

    There were moments in modern history when particular struggles galvanized millions around the world to act in solidarity. This occurred during the Spanish Civil War, the struggle of the Vietnamese Photo by Muthana Al-QadiPhoto by Muthana Al-Qadi against US imperialism, and the liberation struggles of Southern Africa.There were moments in modern history when particular struggles galvanized millions around the world to act in solidarity.

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    Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid Andrew Hugill April 09, 2008

    The Coaltion Against Israel Apartheid (CAIA) is an alliance of all Palestine solidarity groups in Toronto that first came together in November 2006 to oppose a visit by former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. CAIA The success of the demonstration against Sharon's visit (even though he didn't end up attending), was the result of a huge leap in organizing as the various groups put aside past debates and animosities and took a sincere anti-sectarian approach to focus on the work to be accomplished.

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