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    Abu Ammar: The Palestinian National Movement Personified Rafeef Ziadah and Ahmed Nimer February 01, 2005
      The death of Yasser Arafat has brought forth hundreds of commentaries on a man who for decades personified the Palestinian liberation struggle. The vast range of assessments offered in these obituaries indicate that Arafat - or Abu Ammar as he was known by his nom de guerre - was no simple figure. His long history at the head of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and the organization he helped found, Fatah, was more recently overshadowed by his leadership of the Palestinian Authority.

    The stunned disbelief and grief of Palestinians from around the world that greeted his death provide testament to his charismatic and iconic status. The modern Palestinian national movement is inextricably linked to his figure.

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    Campaign Against Caterpillar Revs Up Mark Lance February 01, 2005
      For perhaps the first time in the history of Palestinian solidarity activism in the US, the majority of organizations working against the occupation are coming together around a single long-term campaign.

    For decades the Caterpillar Corporation has supplied bulldozers to the Israeli military for use in home demolitions, as well as the construction of settlements on Palestinian territory and more recently of the Apartheid Wall.

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    Broadcasting Freedom on Radio 194, Dheisheh Refugee Camp Nora Barrows-Friedman August 01, 2005
      As the mainstream corporate media continues its vilification of Palestinians, the next generation of Palestinian journalists is ready to counteract the lies.

    As the world focuses on the ragged details of whether or not the illegal Israeli settlers will “disengage” from the occupied Gaza strip, Ariel Sharon’s genocidal policies are moving ahead at full speed in the occupied West Bank. Settlements are being built around the clock, the suffocating apartheid wall is snaking through people’s land, and the Israeli military with its aggressive tactics continues to kill innocent children and civilians.

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    Caterpillar Free Zones, Murals, and Flags: Palestinian Solidarity in Ireland Matt Bowles August 01, 2005
      1969. The Bogside. Occupied County Derry, Ireland. Barricades are erected by the Bogside residents around their community to defend against violent police raids, loyalist attacks, and recently re-deployed British occupation forces. The area inside the barricades is declared “Free Derry,” a no-go area for police and British troops and a direct affront to the authority of the Stormont Parliament.

    Free Derry challenged the sovereignty claims of the British government and their ability to occupy and control the six counties. Graffiti was scrawled on the gable wall of a House that read, “You Are Now Entering Free Derry.” That defining sign was later turned into a monument that would remain forever at the entrance to the Bogside.

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    Labor for Palestine Lauren Anzaldo August 01, 2005
      Disgusted by the national labor establishment’s blind support for US foreign policy in the Middle East, trade unionists and Palestinian-liberation activists have initiated a campaign called Labor for Palestine.
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    Disillusion with “Disengagement" Mazin Qumsiyeh November 01, 2005

    An internet search of the words “disengagement” and “Gaza” yields over 600,000 hits. Yet there is so little published information about the genesis of this unilateral Israeli action or its intended result. Upon re-election in February 2003, Sharon stated vaguely that his new government would remove Arafat and “end terrorism.” Since Israel had killed nearly 1500 Palestinians the year before, many wondered what he would do. The same year the US government attacked Iraq and sent congress requests for $9 billion in “loan guarantees” for Israel and $1 billion in additional direct aid.

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    Building Solidarity with Palestinian Prisoners, Resisting Israel’s Criminalization of Life Kole Kilibarda August 01, 2005
      Kole Kilibarda of the Toronto-based Palestinian political prisoner solidarity group Sumuod discusses the importance of building a cross-border movement linking prisoner struggles in North America to those of Palestinians living under Israeli occupation.

    Umm and Abu Hussein’s two sons, Sami and Yasser, are being held in Jelboa and Nakab prisons. Physical reminders of their presence come in the form of two pictures that Umm Hussein has hung on the walls of the family reception room. Similar pictures hang from the walls of many neighboring homes in Nablus’ old city and the surrounding refugee camps of Askar, Balata and El-Ein – as they do throughout Palestine.

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    Protecting Torture: The Red Cross' Deadly Silence Adam Hanieh, Hazem Jamjoum, Rafeef Ziadah May 01, 2005
      By promising confidentiality to the occupying and imprisoning powers the International Committee of the Red Cross monitors the fate of prisoners of war that no other organization can reach — from Guantanamo Bay’s Camp X-ray, to Abu Ghraib and even the many Israeli detention centers in occupied Palestine. Here, Rafeef Ziadah questions whether the ICRC’s monitoring efforts help prisoners or protect those who violate prisoners’ human rights.

    The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) was founded in 1863 to help the wounded and other victims of war. In the Geneva Conventions the ICRC is given exclusive rights to investigate prison conditions in war situations.

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    Cementing Israeli Apartheid: The Role of World Bank Jamal Juma November 01, 2005
      Through the violent occupation of Iraq, the US is laying the foundations to further open the economy of the Middle East for their corporate interests. Countries once protected by oil revenues are lining up to sign bilateral agreements leading to a Middle East Free Trade Agreement. MEFTA would impose free market policies that have enslaved other regions of the global south to global capital.
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    Whither Israel? Gabriel Ash February 01, 2007

    Israel is in crisis. The recent Lebanon War has heightened all its internal and external contradictions. Gabriel Ash looks at the economic and political foundations of this deeply militaristic and ideological state. The recent military defeat, brewing class divisions and political polarization from within, have made Israel more unstable than ever. To understand where this current crisis might lead Israel, a little historical context is needed. From the twenties on, Zionism was a project of colonial development. As economists Nitzan and Bichler brilliantly showed, the so-called Labor party was Capital’s best friend, providing cheap labor and a captive market to attract overseas investors. The establishment of the state in 1948 led to the strengthening of ties.

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