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    Reducing the Palestinians Joseph Massad December 10, 2003

    from Electronic Intifada

    One of the most important changes that the Oslo process brought about was the de facto transformation, indeed the ultimate corruption, of the Palestine Liberation Organisation, from a liberation movement representing the entire Palestinian people, into a vassal regime called the Palestinian Authority (PA), representing only one third of the Palestinian people.

    What is quite insidious in this process is how the PA, conscious of this transformation, continues to speak of the "Palestinian people", which had been reduced through the Oslo Accords to those West Bank and Gaza Palestinians it now represents.

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    All Roads Lead to Jerusalem Rami El-Amine May 27, 2003

    In an April 4 Washington Post article about Israel's detention and temporary exile of almost the entire male population of the Palestinian refugee camp of Tulkarem (around 2,000 men), the reporter informs the reader that this and the killing that day of 7 Palestinians "were a departure from the relative calm that has prevailed here since the start of the Iraq war." A few days later an AP story said that the Israeli missile attack on a Hamas leader which killed at least 5 innocent bystanders "ended a lull in Israeli air strikes since the beginning of the war in Iraq."

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    Who’s responsible for the Palestinian political crisis? Jamal Juma’ October 01, 2007

    The West Bank and Gaza are in disarray—beset with constitutional chaos, contradicting authorities, and cross accusations. Yet, as the tensions in the streets simmer down, the most surprising thing is that anybody out there in the world can be surprised at all. The foundations of what has happened in Gaza and the West Bank this summer were laid long ago—and it was the Israeli Occupation and the US and Europe who were the chief architects. The question of where the responsibility lies, with Hamas or Fatah, is thus utterly out of place. The real plotters of the current situation are Israel, the US and Europe.

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    Toward a Palestinian-led rebuilding Osamah Khalil July 23, 2007

    As Middle East envoy of "the Quartet," Tony Blair, the former British Prime Minister, has been charged with helping to "build up" Palestinian institutions. It is a cruel irony that one of the handmaidens of the destruction of those very institutions is now being dispatched with the portfolio of resurrecting them. Yet, this should not come as a surprise. In spite of Blair's passionate rhetoric to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict during his decade of rule, he joined Washington in actively subverting Palestinian institutions and their hopes for self-determination.

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    Defining Terms in the Age of Imperialism: Challenging Alleged “Strategic Solidarity” various August 01, 2007

    A statement to U.S based social justice movements from Palestinian liberation and Palestine solidarity activists Background MADRE, an international women's human rights organization based in the United States, recently released commentary about what solidarity should look like for U.S. progressives committed to the Palestinian struggle ( “Palestine in the Age of Hamas: The Challenge of Progressive Solidarity,” is not a proactive call for solidarity.

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    “To Exist Is To Resist”: From the Apartheid Wall in Palestine and Beyond Jamal Jumaa June 16, 2007
      The last few months have seen a renewed focus on Palestine. On June 9th and 10th—the 40th anniversary of the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza and the illegal annexation of Jerusalem—people all over the world took to the streets, protesting Israeli occupation and apartheid. Yet, almost 60 years after the Nakba (Catastrophe) in 1948 when approximately one million Palestinians were expelled from their land to create a Jewish state, the discourse of mass media and the delegations of international diplomats seem more distant from the reality on the ground in Palestine than ever before.
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    40 Years of Israeli Occupation Rafeef Ziadah June 10, 2007

    June 2007 marks the 40-year anniversary of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Golan Heights. The Israeli government, backed by a steady flow of US tax dollars, continues its assault on the Palestinian population. Over 700 Palestinians were killed in 2006. Ten thousand Palestinian political prisoners remain locked behind bars while millions more are trapped in their towns and villages, surrounded by settlements, checkpoints, and the ever expanding apartheid wall. The policy of deliberate starvation of the Palestinian population continues unchecked as poverty and unemployment reach never before seen levels.

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    Strangling Palestine Adam Hanieh September 01, 2006

    On May 15, 2006, we commemorated 58 years since Palestinians were driven out of their homes and land by Zionist aggression in 1948. Over 5 million Palestinian refugees around the world remember this day and continue to hold the right of return as the bedrock demand of the Palestinian struggle. The month of June brought the 29th commemoration of Al Nakba, the dispossession of hundreds of thousands more Palestinians and the subsequent occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip in 1967. The program of ethnic cleansing symbolized by these two anniversaries continues at full speed.

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    Intifada on Trial Kristen Ess September 14, 2004
      Free Marwan Barghouti! Hands cuffed and raised in the air in defiance, Palestinian political prisoner Marwan Barghouti shouts outside the Israeli courthouse in Tel Aviv, “I am willing to pay with my freedom for my people’s freedom, for its independence.”

    The Israeli occupation government took Barghouti from Ramallah on 15 April 2002 into Israeli prisons, and held him without charge or trial until 7 June 2004 when they sentenced him to 5 times life plus 40 years essentially for being “the leader of the Intifada.” “It’s a political court. And there’s nothing legitimate under international law or otherwise about ‘trying’ Marwan in it,” says Fateh political party member and refugee, Abu Mohammad.

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    Missing the Point: Palestinian Resistance and the Irrelevance of International Debate Emily Windelstein September 14, 2004
      “I want the land because it’s my land; I have the right to reach my land. At least, if the Israelis are able to build the Wall, which I will see in front of me everyday when I look from my home’s window, I want to remember that I tried to do something to stop it…even if I couldn’t in the end. “The people in the village want their land because it is all which is left after the occupation confiscation stole most of our land in 1948. The Wall will leave us with nothing. Everybody is angry, but anger is not enough – something should be done too. After this Intifada, there is no living sources left but this land. We are a poor village – the school teacher is the richest. What do you expect the situation of the others to be?
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