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    Talking Points: The Gaza Crisis Phyllis Bennis, Institute For Policy Studies January 01, 2009

    The death toll in Gaza continues to rise. The carnage is everywhere -- city streets, a mosque, hospitals, police stations, a jail, a university bus stop, a plastics factory, a television station. It seems impossible, unacceptable, to step back to analyze the situation while bodies remain buried under the rubble, while parents continue to search for their missing children, while doctors continue to labor to stitch burned and broken bodies back together without sufficient medicine or equipment. The hospitals are running short even of electricity -- the Israeli blockade has denied them fuel to run the generators.

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    Waning US Influence in the Middle East Rayan El-Amine October 01, 2008

    The countries of the Middle East will be going through a transition of enormous proportions in the next few months. The context of the coming changes is the United States' waning influence in the region - evidenced by their utter failure to bring forth their version of a "New Middle East." Washington's crusade in the region has not only led to catastrophic failures for the US in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also has led to the weakening of US allies in the region. This period of change carries many risks but there are also real opportunities for the people of the region to reclaim some control over their own affairs.

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    Unity and Liberation: HipHop for Palestine Represents in New Orleans Mai Bader July 08, 2008

    On June 14, 2008, a wide coalition of grassroots organizations – including NOLAPS (New Orleans, Louisiana Palestine Solidarity); INCITE Women of Color Against Violence; New Orleans International Human Rights Film Festival; and the Third World Coalition of American Friends Service Committee - held an historic event called Liberation Hip Hop, commemorating the 60th year of Al-Nakba; the dispossession of the Palestinian people.

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    Palestine in the Middle East: Opposing Neoliberalism and US Power Adam Hanieh July 15, 2008

    Over the last six months, the Palestinian economy has been radically transformed under a new plan drawn up by the Palestinian Authority (PA) called the Palestinian Reform and Development Plan (PRDP). Developed in close collaboration with institutions such as the World Bank and the British Department for International Development (DFID), the PRDP is currently being implemented in the West Bank where the Abu Mazen-led PA has effective control. It embraces the fundamental precepts of neoliberalism: a private sector-driven economic strategy in which the aim is to attract foreign investment and reduce public spending to a minimum.

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    Chronicling the Story of Greater Palestine's Rappers Jim Quilty, Daily Star Staff August 15, 2008

    Jackie Salloum discusses 'Slingshot Hip Hop,' pop culture and art

    Friday, August 15, 2008

    Chronicling the story of Greater Palestine's rappers


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    “They Kill Everything That’s Alive” - Dispatches from the Occupation Kristen Schurr July 14, 2002

    Al Azzeh Refugee Camp
    31 March 2002

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    Echoes of Seattle: From Manama to Casablanca Sonya Meyerson-Knox July 14, 2002

    They’re talking about McDonald’s and Starbucks. Someone’s already downloaded the facts about a Burger King restaurant in an Israeli settlement, and now they’re compiling a “Top Ten American Companies to Boycott—and Why” list. They’re talking about petitions, about email forwards, maybe building a website, sending out cellular phone text messages. It could be New York or San Francisco, Porte Allegre or Buenos Aires. It happens to be Beirut, Lebanon.

    America’s left had its Seattle. The Middle East just had its equivalent.

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    The Annapolis Conference: A View from Palestine Jamal Juma’ January 01, 2008

    In November, the Bush administration brought together leaders from the Palestinian Authority and Israel to a conference in Annapolis, Maryland billed as the resumption of peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians. The Annapolis Conference like other insincere attempts by the US at bringing peace to the Middle East was dismissed immediately by most Arabs (despite the attendance of representatives from Arab governments) and especially the Palestinians living under Israeli occupation. In Palestine, demonstrations against the Annapolis Conference brought thousands into the streets of Ramallah, Hebron, Tulkarem, Nablus, and Gaza in defiance of the Palestinian Authority’s attempt to silence the peoples’ voice, representing a crucial moment for Palestine.

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    Harvesting Justice in Palestine Kate Raphael February 14, 2003

    On October 16, several hundred farmers from the Palestinian village of Yasouf set out to harvest olives on the terraced valley to the west of the village. With them was a group of international activists from the US, Canada and Europe, and a number of Israelis from Rabbis for Human Rights and Ta’ayush (Partnership). The internationals were organized by the International Solidarity Movement and International Women’s Peace Service, as part of the first international campaign to protect the Palestinian olive harvest. Olive trees are the leading agricultural crop in Palestine, covering 45% of all cultivated land.

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    Divide & Conquer in Palestine Kristen Schurr February 14, 2003

    The US announces with all the subtlety of an Israeli tank plowing through a Palestinian home that any country which houses Al Qaeda operatives shall be attacked. In turn Israel has declared the Gaza Strip Al Qaeda spawning ground. As the PA tells it, the Israeli military government called on a few of its own to pose as Al Qaeda members in order to continue brutalizing the Palestinian population here, as if it did not have enough international support for its horrific crimes already. Now, Gaza undeniably has its problems, all stemming from the illegal Israeli military occupation, but Al Qaeda is not one of them.

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